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“My daughter has been struggling with the loss of my mom/her mamaw for the past 2 1/2 yrs now. Well because of an extrodinary woman named Deb Para-Momma Lantz, my daughter has received the closure/validation she's desperately been in search of. I want to share just a few of the things Deb told her that let us know she was talking with mom. My daughter apparently wrote a letter right after mom's passing and took it to the cemetery one day. Deb answered the questions and replied to some of the things she said in that letter...that we never even knew existed!!! She described a picture my daughter drew for mom when she was little. And she explained some of the dreams my daughter had been having. There is an angel figure that was on a few flower arrangements from her funeral (I have one and my brother has the other), and Deb described it to a T!! So if you or anyone else you know may be in this same situation please let Deb help you out like she has helped our baby girl. Deb thank you for your time and giving her what she's been searching for."


"I wanted to start off and say what awesome friends I have that help me to find Deb Lantz. I never thought about talking to a psychic but she made it easy and geve me ways to help my own connecctions. That being said Deb had done an awesome job. Definitely worth the setting up and listening to what she was getting.  Personally was thinking I would be reserved and she wouldn't get anything. Needless to say I bottled every emotion I was feeling because I did not want to keep saying, "yep, yep, you got that right."Great great experience.  Thank you Deb."



"WOW I am speechless I got some special gifts today, Deb Para-Momma Lantz is amazing! highly recommend her cd!!" 

"Deb is a amazing and gifted women with a heart of gold. I have been lucky to have worked with her and she has shown me there is so much more then just what we think there is. I also got a reading from her and I must say after 10 mins I was almost in tears from what she was telling me, there was no way she knew the people she was telling me about, it was amazing !!!!!!!"


 " In the paranormal field and always being a skeptic, I always took a psychic/mediums words with a grain of salt. At an event in Ohio, without ever meeting Deb Lantz, she stops her lecture to ask if she could speak with my group and I once she was finished. Afterwards she came up to us and said she was getting vibes and visions of us in our past lives. There was a connection there that we immediately put together. At that moment, I realized Deb had opened my eyes and she is the REAL DEAL. Now whenever I need help or guidance, I call Deb Lantz. She is also Shadows of the Paranormal's spiritual adviser."


"I met Deb 2 years ago at a paranormal investigation. She was my mentor for some time helping me to develop my psychic/medium abilities. she has an amazing gift and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a reading. She helped me with some grief issues and assisted me in gaining confidence in my own development as a medium. Thank you so much friend!" 


"Deb Lantz  is one of the sweetest, most honest people I know. I have given her name to several friends when the subject of honest psychics comes up! My experiences with Deb have been nothing short of Amazing! A true Professional. Deb is an amazingly gifted person with a a heart of Gold! If your looking for a true, honest experience,... It doesn't get any more true & honest than Deb Lantz!"


"Deb did such an amazing reading for me! She helped me to understand about death and what really happens to our loved ones. She was able to connect with a dear friend of mine who had died . It was an incredible experience!"


"After my mother passed, I was so unhappy and missed her so very much. A friend recommended Deb to me and I was really taken back by her uncanny ability to contact my mother. Mom had passed six months earlier to the reading and boy was mom excited to be able to reconnect with me through Deb. Thank you Ms. Lantz for sharing your gift with me."


"Deb is a very compassionate person. Her reading with me was so on target and helpful. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be having another reading soon."


"I was truly touched by Deb's sense of humor as well as her sensitivity. She was able to connect me with a friend whom had taken his own life. It was reassuring to me to know that there is life after death. I am now a true believer. Thank you Deb,"


"I was a HUGE skeptic when it comes to psychics and mediums. I was dragged in to see Deb by a friend of mine this past year. I was not happy, until about 5 minutes into the reading. I was in tears, totally blown away by Deb's uncanny abilities to connect with my father who had died some 15 years ago. I will never be a skeptic again!"


"2 years ago my daughter passed away. As a mother I have questions that I would love to ask my daughter. Deb had reached out to me saying my daughter had come to her in a dream. Deb told me things that made me feel better and she also told me something that I had just discussed with someone the night before that no one knew about. I know people can be skeptical of psychic/mediums but there were things that Deb knew that no one else did and she also knew what questions I had for my daughter without me even asking. I truly appreciate Deb reaching out to me with this information. The loss of my daughter will always be hard but at least I feel like I have some closure. BTW Deb...if you think of the song please let me know. You are the best and I can not thank you enough for reaching out to me and sharing your dream. Life has been a little easier."


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