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Deb Lantz is a freelance psychic/medium, spiritual counselor, former pod-cast host, lecturer, and writer.  As a medium, she can communicate with the "Dead." The word "Dead," sounds funny to her because  nothing ever really dies. She takes her work very seriously. If she can be of assistance to someone who is seeking to connect with the spirit world, to bring them peace and comfort, then she will go above and beyond to help. Her life's purpose is to educate and give counsel those who seek spiritual guidance. We all have a team of angels, spirit guides, and departed loved ones who are our invisible support team, just waiting to assist us. All we have to do is take the time to listen. There is much more to this world than we can see, feel and touch. 


Deb offers her services in the form of psychic readings, classes, and in giving lectures at various conventions. During her readings, she is raising her vibrational level so she will be able to clearly hear, see and know the messages that are coming through. Receiving feelings, pictures, and symbols, she shares everything she is seeing with her clients with great compassion and sensitivity.

Deb travels across the country giving lectures at various paranormal, metaphysical, and spiritual events. 

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