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My name is Deb Lantz and I have been naturally gifted since childhood. These abilities enable me to connect with the Angelic Realm and Spirits on the other side. I personally prefer to call myself an Intuitive rather than Psychic due to all of the expectations associated with the term" psychic". You can call me a Spiritual Medium, Psychic Medium, Sensitive or just plain crazy. It really does not matter to me. All I know is that I have inherited the ability to  see and communicate with those who have passed on and I am able to pass along their messages to their loved ones on this side of the veil. I also have been blessed  with the ability to sense energy and Angelic beings. 


As a Medium, I receive visions of people, places, and things of both the past and the future. I am an Empath, which means I take on the physical and emotional states of the spirits and energies coming through.
I come from a long line of strong women who were born with this gift, and like my grandmother and her mother and her mother before her, I have been hesitant to share this with the world.  But, I feel the timing is right because our world is waking up to their spiritual side with more and more people asking questions and seeking anwsers about God, Angels, and all things Supernatural.  It is only with this last generation that the psychic abilities have carried over to the males in my family.  My cousin and my son, Nick Lantz, whom are indigo children, have inherited these abilities.  My son and I frequently work together on paranormal Investigations.

Through my years of attending conventions all over the country, people in the paranormal community have given me the nickname "Para-Momma." It may sound silly but when I go to conventions, I take on the "Mother" role to everyone there. Therefore people just call me mom, even people I meet for the first time. Hence the nickname "Para-Momma," and I love it!
My goal is to help others by using my gift and to offer guidance to those who seek to live on a spiritual path.

In Light and Love, 

Copyright © 2014 by Nicholas A. Lantz

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